Sunday worship

We meet for worship (Holy Communion)  at 10am each Sunday.

Please follow the guidelines:

Entering church

  • Enter church by the main tower entrance
  • Use the hand sanitiser in the porch and take a ‘sit mat’
  • Collect an order of service from the table by the font. Return it at the end of the service
  • Walk down the centre aisle and sit (on your ‘mat’) in a seat marked with a green ‘sit here’ sticker
  • Keep 2 metres from others (unless in your household group)
  • At the end of the service walk to the front of church and turn right and right again to exit up the side aisle.

Receiving Communion

  • If you wish to receive Communion wait until there is no one waiting to receive.
  • Make your way forward to the chancel step.
  • Wheelchair users and mobility scooter users please stay in your place and Communion will be brought to you.
  • Use the hand sanitiser and hold out your palms flat to receive the wafer.
  • After receiving please use the hand sanitiser again.
  • Return to your seat via the right-hand side aisle.


Church 0pen for private prayer

St Giles church will be open for private payer from 10am to 11am each Wednesday.


Online parish worship

We meet at 4.30pm each Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday for Evening Prayer via Zoom. Please be in touch if you’d like to join us any time.


National church resources

Resources for private prayer and of pre-recorded worship can be found at the Church of England website

The Daily Hope phone line offers hymns and prayers at the end of a phone call 24 hours a day          0800 804 8044